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Integra61, Durham

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205 Acres of mixed-use development. Monitored using spinning Time-Lapse cameras on a 10m solar tower.

360° site monitoring

Spin the camera to see the whole 360 view and use the calendar to go back in time.


Seeing such a huge site from above brings a whole new perspective to monitoring. We have created marketing films, progress reports, maps, prints and aerial panoramas.

360° aerial panorama

View the progress of your site from above in 360° or in a VR headset. Zoom in to any part of the site 

Drone Film


4K/8K 360° Time-Lapse

Using a combination of both 4K and 8K 360° technology, we have used our custom tech to monitor an additional 70% of the site whilst saving on further costs that would arise from relocating the camera tower.


There's no power in the middle of a field! We use solar energy to power our spinning camera whilst it broadcasts live updates and captures long exposure photographs even in the snow.

10m Secure Tower

Built with stability in mind, our 10m tower helps to extend the view of the site. Our towers can survive extreme weather conditions and are the best solution for greenfield sites.

Live video updates 

We provide new content every month showing the latest site activity. Videos are used across the team to keep all parties informed of progress in the most universal and condensed format.

Website Streaming

Live on integra.61.co.uk, the live camera has over 2,000 users a month looking to check up on the latest progress of this major development.