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See our FAQs below or just call us on 07947 613 536

set up

We can set the camera up pretty much anywhere. The best locations are a roof next door, a crane on site or we can erect a camera tower.
We have Time-Lapse cameras positioned across the UK and Europe.
All our camera systems are solar-powered. If it’s an inside space you’re looking to capture, we can add a 4 month battery or connect to mains power.

<span style=”color: #ffffff;”>All our camera systems are built to withstand all weather conditions. We’ve designed our own weatherproof enclosures that are rated IP66 and don’t degrade the image quality.</span>

Whilst we specialise in long-term Site Monitoring & Time-Lapse, we also deploy short-term Time-Lapse cameras for as little as a day.


Our Time-Lapse cameras are programmed to take photos every 30 minutes during site hours. This can be increased based on your project requirements.
The camera is best in a fixed position and can be re-rigged to a new location in the middle of the project. The camera is stationary and can capture spherical 360 x 360 degree images if required.
Sure it’s easy. Navigate to the photo and area you want, Right Click > Save Image. Or get in touch and we’ll show you how.

<span style=”color:#FFFFFF;”>The Time-Lapse camera does not capture video 24/7. Photos are in high resolution, broadcasted live powered by a solar panel.


You can cancel the Time-Lapse at any point, just give us 30 days notice.
Any duration is okay – we’ve undertaken projects ranging from a day to a decade.

get in touch

contact us:

T: +44 (0) 7947 613 536
E: hello@aerialempire.com