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You will be given a unique login which allows you to manage all your cameras.
We capture everything. From start to finish, our bespoke software catches every stage of construction so we won’t miss a thing running all day.
Yes, we recommend that because It’s a great way to keep all audiences up to date and potential shareholders and investors aware of your current construction progress.
We regularly monitor all cameras to make sure they are running efficiently, followed by maintenance checks and manual testing should any issues arise.

set up

We can set the camera up pretty much anywhere. The best locations are a roof next door, a crane on site or we can erect a camera tower.
We have Time-Lapse cameras positioned across the UK and Europe.
All our camera systems are solar-powered. If it’s an inside space you’re looking to capture, we can add a 4 month battery or connect to the mains power.
All our camera systems are built to withstand all weather conditions. We’ve designed our own weatherproof enclosures that are rated IP66 and don’t degrade image quality.

Whilst we specialise in long-term Site Monitoring & Time-Lapse, we also deploy short-term Time-Lapse cameras for as little as a day.

Yes, we can re-rig the camera system at any point during the contract to the best vantage point available. The camera is stationary and can capture spherical 360 x 360 degree images if required.


Our Time-Lapse cameras are programmed to take photos every 30 minutes during site hours. This can be increased based on your project requirements.
Sure, it’s easy. Navigate to the photo and area you want and hit the letter ‘D’.
The Time-Lapse camera does not capture video 24/7. Photos are in high resolution, broadcasted live and powered by a solar panel.


You can cancel the Time-Lapse at any point, just give us 30 days notice.


Everything our cameras record is uploaded to our encrypted cloud storage with everything backed up so we’re covered.


Yes, we have the option to hide parts of the camera view and focus on your site.
We can blur all faces if the project requires it, so you don’t have to worry about GDPR issues. In the instance any personal data is collected accidentally, we are registered with the ICO should any issues arise.


All images are stored for 2 months and all videos are archived for 5 years.\


Yes, once the camera system is set up, we’re able to fully customise the schedule to suit the requirements.

Virtual Reality

Safety is our first priority – we’re always prepared in case of an emergency with fully qualified personnel. VR isn’t for everyone and we’re constantly pushing new boundaries.  
We have 10 of the latest headsets in stock and an array of accessories to enhance or facilitate your experience.


Yes, Aerial Empire is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
Under CAA regulations, we are permitted to fly up from ground level up to the height of 400ft.
Yes as long as they are less than 20mph, strong winds can affect the coverage especially when the flight area is congested.
In the majority of cases rain is a good reason not to fly. Aside from the risk posed to our flying electronics, this could also pose a threat to the surroundings. Clarity can be lost so whilst we’re reluctant it is achievable in some circumstances.
For safety purposes, we operate at a distance of 50m from the public and 150m from crowds.

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