Time-Lapse Monitoring


Your Construction Site Live, On Any Device

Aerial Empire change the way your construction project is managed. With real-time updates on our bespoke Time-Lapse Portal, your whole team can instantly view changes on site. This is the best tool for project managers who have to file regular Progress Reports and manage a cost-efficient building process.

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Get Updates, Straight to Your Inbox

Using our Subscription Tool, you can personalise how regularly your whole team receive a live photo of the site. Keep stakeholders informed, engage buyers and start the day with site updates emailed straight to you.

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The Finest Showcase of Your Company's Work

We offer developers looking for new business a key presentation tool that shows off your company's previous work in seconds. As well as top quality cameras, we use custom-built algorithms to manage, edit and produce a quality that is unmatched by our competition.

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Key Marketing For Prospective Buyers

Live views of progress, email updates and evolving imagery of how the building was constructed can be used to engage audiences, and drive sales.

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Powered Anywhere

With a range of power options to suit a variety of locations, our camera rigs are programmed to power themselves in the most challenging environments, and last you a lifetime.